Miami Supply Chain 2.0 Alliance

The Miami chapter of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is establishing a relationship with Florida Blockchain Foundation and other public and private organizations in Southern Florida to form the Miami Supply Chain 2.0 Alliance. This new organization includes (but not limited to) freight companies, freight forwarders, ocean carriers, terminal operators, public agencies, port authorities, imports, exporters, academia, and associations. 

The goals of the alliance will be to form an open collaborative platform of its members in the region to research, develop, define, and implement supply chain solutions through sharing resources including information and networks and marketing effort in the field of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies. The Alliance seeks to improve supply chain operations in Southern Florida by optimizing cost models, eliminating redundancies, delivering a flexible and open system that facilitates innovation. The members will be part of an ecosystem, leverage existing standards, and protocols to source data, perform rapid application development, to establish systems that can scale while maintaining security, and interoperability.

The first step will be to conduct a series of Supply Chain Digital Transformational Workshops. The workshops will focus on training members of South Florida Supply Chain Community about blockchain technologies and its benefits and uses. After that, workshops will focus on identifying pain points and finding blockchain solutions to address the pain points. Finally, solutions will be planned and implemented.

For more information about this project, contact Silvio Frank Pupo, the GBA Miami Chapter Leader.

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