BMM Appraisal Requirements

As you may know, we are about to publish the Blockchain Maturity Model. You can read about it on the BMM FAQs Post. The Model series includes the following components:

  • BMM Overview– describing the common terms, definitions, and concepts universally applied in all the components of the BMM series.
  • Blockchain Maturity Model Requirements ā€“ describing what criteria is required at each level of maturity to ensure confidence in the solution.
  • Training Program Requirements ā€“ describing the method and criteria for ensuring that individuals have demonstrated their competence required to implement and assess BMM compliance.
  • Assessment Program Requirements ā€“ describing the method and criteria required to plan, conduct, and report BMM assessment results.

We are almost finished with the Model, and we are now also working on the BMM Appraisal Program Requirements. It is drafted and ready for review. Please download this document and submit your feedback to Meiyappan MasilamaniĀ atĀ

If you are interested in participating in this project, please log into the GBA site (you can only see the information if youā€™re logged in) and review the meeting details at GBA Standards WG Meetings (Members Only).

We are in the process of scheduling the first BMM Appraisals for the first half of 2022. These blockchains that are certified may be the first blockchains in history to be validated by an international standards body.

Be part of history!

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